Monday, September 30, 2013

September Fail.

September is laughing at me.

If you want to rate months in regards to shittness, this would have to top it in  my books. One when you look back and think, what have I done so wrong?

If it wasn't one thing it was obviously another. Shit even things I really thought were going well seemed to turn around and slap me in the face.


I thought things were settling down, I attended my nephews birthday party and smiled like things were all dandy and fine with me, inside however I was a mess. But at least I was trying, and things were looking up. As slight as it may be, I viewed it as a start.

No, maybe the month would not go down as one of my finest, but at least it would end on a somewhat OK note.

Or not.

Because just as it was coming to an end, and I was looking to October with new hope, September had one last F.U. to throw at me.  And it came in the form of the chills, and the body aches. And the stuffed nose. And the fog...and hello common cold, its nice to see you. The kind where all you want is to lay in bed, wrapped up in your most warmest blanket, some stupid cheesy show like Jerry, or Maury on in the background yelling, 'You are NOT the father!' Because I fully admit I watch this on days like this. Instead of sitting behind a desk  trying to concentrate and pretend you are feeling wonderful.

 Of course the month had to do this to me. I should have expected nothing less from it. Apparently someone has a vendetta against me. Yes, I am sure they are sitting there laughing and pointing and finding this quite amusing.

October better be epic...

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