Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Roll call.

Three days before I head out on vacation I find myself not at my cube wasting time staring at the clock as it ever so slowly moves toward the bewitching hour of hit the door. But rather heading into the office three hours earlier, making coffee and preparing for a two day meeting.

It has been the longest day. And I still have a day to go.

I have determined that I should have been an event planner.  In a matter of moments I had set up, arranged and taken care of coffee. In the past I have only assisted, and it has taken two or three other girls.


I also sort of enjoyed getting things set up, carrying around a binder with everything. And yes, I mean I print out all emails, and signs. Anything. Yep. I feel super important even though I am sure they could rally care less in the long run. That is until the manager that is running the meeting runs two hours late, and they need everything.

And then that stuff that seems so not important, suddenly turns into the life-saving of the meeting.


Maybe I am bragging but at the end of the meeting, they were pretty thrilled with my work. Impressed that I got everything done, coffee kept coming and seemed very professional through it all.

I will gladly take it.

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