Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Question Friday: April 12: Social.

 Well halfway through April-can you believe it???- I sure can't. The weather is finally beginning to turn itself into spring-or rather summer actually. But I will gladly take this. And it being Friday means another segment of my Five question Friday. This weeks topic: Social.

1. Where were you the last time you took an awkward tumble?

About two weeks ago, when it was snowing. Son and I tumbled on the steps...probably not the best day to have worn nice shoes. Dif lesson learned. Thankfully neither of us were hurt.

2. When did you last dine by the pleasant flicker of candlelight?

Does the candles at Cracker Barrell count?? Seriously it has not been something I have done in quite awhile...but if you count the candles at CB, then that was about a month ago...with my son and my parents joining us. It really wasn't as romantic as it sounded.

3. Who was the last person to cause you to yelp in surprise?

My boss as I was rounding the corner to come into work this morning. Though I must admit he has a tendency to do this a lot...scare the crap out of me...he is way to quiet.

4. What were your last good reads, and who recommended them to you?

Home Front by Kristin Hannah. No one recommended as I am a huge fan of hers, but this one dif made it to the top of the favorite list. I highly recommend it. Grab the tissues and your hubbys hand!

5. When were your friends last in a twitter about something you just couldn’t get excited about?

The last of the Twilight saga movies. They were huge fans, and I just never understood them, or the books I really didn't see what was all that great about them. I passed.

And there you have it. May your weekend be beautiful and relaxing.

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