Monday, December 17, 2012

A little kindness

Ah the DC metro system. It is often known for the notorious malfunctioning issues, operators falling asleep on the job and the ever sky rocketing fare hikes that come out of nowhere to maintain what most of the riders have no clue, but rise they do.  It known for the muggings, and the safety factors that they always question.  What it is not known for however is the good that comes out of it. Or perhaps people don't actual respond or report the good thing.

But this afternoon, during the busy rush plus hour while busy shoppers came and went, and workers hustled to get home, I watched as someone did such a small act of kindness that to most paid no attention to. Yet I find that during these times, perhaps someone should mention it. As we walked to the escalators we were stopped in our tracks thanks to a non working escalators. Of course we could walk up them, but good luck if you wanted to take the lazy route. I lined myself up behind a young girl with a suitcase that weighed more than myself. Whether she was coming home, visiting for the holidays or just starting out I do not know but I crawled behind her as we waited our turn. And I watched and waited with each painful step as she struggled to drag the large suitcase one step at a time. She was struggling the higher she went. The effort was written all over her face. And that's when it happened. A gentlemen, a stranger in fact didn't so much say a word but took the suitcase and walked with her all the way up until they reached the stairs. When he pointed to the next set she declined saying she was all set. He walked away without so much as another word. She said thank you and took off the other direction.

For most this act as mentioned went unnoticed and little thought of. But after a weekend that we just happened, and after all the crap that metro puts us through on a daily basis, it was nice to see that despite everything there still is good out there.

We just have to look a little deeper to find it.

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