Monday, February 27, 2012

The first time.

 Its official, little man has finally gone to his first ever real hockey game. Its been a long time in the making. In part because while he loved the game, we weren't exactly sure he was ready to sit through a three hour event. Watching it on the tv was one thing, but with traffic, intermissions and everything else in person its a whole other ball game. Then there was the whole surgery on my end of things and I couldn't exactly pick him up. Meaning if we wanted to take him, I would need someone else to go. And with only two tickets that my husband gets, that creates a problem.

I was however lucky enough that one of his coworkers offered up their seats, and so my mom and I were able to make the way down to the rink, just in time for the game. And Logan couldn't have been more excited if we had told him it was Christmas morning all over again. Though I have to admit, I think what he was more excited about was being able to wear the awesome headgear my mom picked up for him at a local Home Depot. Because while he loves hockey, he didn't want to go dead-his wording.

For a three year old, he actually did really well. Holding out and making it through all three periods, and two intermissions. He was a tad bit cranky and in need of a good nights sleep as we approached the last few minutes of the game, but considering everything, overall he did really well.

And being his mom I sat next to him and was more interested in his reaction to everything, to his excitement of the goal, to the songs they played and I realized it didn't matter who would win, just as long as little man was having an amazing time.  I watched as his face lit up every time Ovi hit the ice. And as he gave high fives to Lolly, and me and a couple of people around us....

I watched as he was in 7th heaven.

I know there will be many more games to come. Many more moments of hockey together. But on this night, the first hockey game. Well this was something to remember.

And for the record. We won.

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