Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years, new names please?

I suppose I should start off by saying Happy New Year. I hope this year brings you love, laughter and life. May it in fact be your best year yet. I know I for sure am glad to see 2011 go...I mean as stated, it was a pretty awful year in my eyes.

And now that 2012 has officially begun I figured it was a pretty good idea to list a few names I think 2012 can deal without. Of course this is in no way anyone else opinions than my own and realize that my views may not be the same as the next. Still here is my list of people that I think should be filled in the 2011 vault and be put away until we so choose.

1. Kim Kardashian.

Or the whole Kardashian clan rather. I really don't see what America finds fascinating about this girl and her family. And the whole 72 day marriage thing, if you asked me was way over the top. Most Americans don't go out and get married like that on a whim and then say Opps. I made a mistake. OK so yes I get it, a lot of couples these days DO find themselves thinking this. But half the time its never as forgiving as Hollywood marriages are. And divorce never is as fast as Hollywood. Yet somehow Kim K does this and its suddenly acceptable. Seriously? No wonder why marriage these days isn't what it used to be. No wonder kids think its ok to just run off and get married.

2. Lindsay Lohan.

Does it really surprise anyone that she still parties, that she still drinks and that she is on probation for the better part of the year? Because if it does, you must be the only one. And why do we feel the need to only feed into her addiction even more is beyond me. The girl needs help, not a slap on the wrist. But actual help. I just fear by the time we figure this out, she will be already gone.  Come to think of it, she is just about 2 yrs shy of 27....

3. Justin Beiber

I get the whole cute teen boy gets a big break from a super mega star artist. Its called luck. And I get I am not fifteen and so my point of view is somewhat, sounding adult. But I am sorry I just don't see what is so damn fascinating about this kid. And what disturbs me even more than the talent I don't get? Is watching The Today show, or flipping through the latest copy of People and finding women old enough to be my mom fawning over him. Plastering their third bedrooms with posters of him from floor to ceiling and thinking its perfectly ok. I mean yes I too plastered my walls with Nick Carter and BSB posters back in the day, but the difference is, I was actually 17. If the roles were reversed, men would be arrested or heavily questioned-along with being called pervs-for doing the same thing.

4. The Twilight Gang

Much like the Beiber deal, I get the whole book crazed turn to movie thing. I get the cute boys and the pretty lead. Throw in a love triangle both on-and off?- the screen and you have an epic hollywood story in the making. But I read the books, and wasn't impressed. And the movies? Can be worth a watch on a Friday night with nothing to do. And they make wonderful jokes, I mean the screenplay isn't the best. Pretty sure you won't find 'Stop being such a marshmallow' going down as one of the most memorable lines ever. But is it worth such mass hysteria across the world?? And again, the fact that women older than my mom are tattooing themselves up, and decorating the house with team Edward and team Jacob posters, kind of disturbing. Just as much as that I drive like a Cullen on the back of Jaguar does.  I am probably the only one who will be glad to be rid of the series once and for all.

5. Casey Anthony.

 Enough said.

I realize in reality, these names will still continue to haunt me for the next year. And even if these names do fall off the face of the Earth, there is always someone else waiting to take their place.


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