Thursday, July 22, 2010

How do you spell freedom? V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

OK so technically I am not exactly on vacation. In fact my flight doesn't even take off til Saturday morning. Still, as I walked out the door this afternoon I couldn't help but do a little dance inside my head. I wanted to scream out.

I am going to Disney World and even if I go there every year, and everyone knows this I still wanted to tell everyone.

I also happened to have been smart enough to take off tomorrow, figuring that with the planning of our first major family vacation I was going to need some quiet before the storm so to say...which also means I have extended my vacation by one day. So while I am technically going on vacation until Saturday, technically I already am on vacation, though as I told my husband Andy, its a one day staycation until we leave.

Yes vacation. I need it. I need Disney.

And then I thought, its not just Disney that I was looking forward to but vacation itself. After all, I hadn't had any significant amount of time off since February, which I realize is a lot sooner than some but with a one and a half year old, hockey season, a full time career and part time school, I needed time off. I deserve time off. A lot of people may laugh at this, but I think we all do. To refresh to recharge. To realize that there is more to life than sitting in a cube the entire year.

Vacation. Time with family. Time with friends. I need it. My husband needs it. Hockey season will be starting soon, and unlike last year there is no Olympic break, and he won't be getting two weeks off in the midst of it.

And it wouldn't matter if it was Disney or Knoxville TN, as long as I am away from work for more than three days with my son, and my family I am perfectly happy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An alternative use for a handbag

When I went to the World back in February I made two big purchases. Two Dooney and Bourke handbags. A small hand held one like the one shown, and a bigger one. Now I admit I have never before been a fan of D&B and have for the most part thought they are over priced and not my thing. However when they came out with this design, I was beyond ecstatic and grabbed mine as soon as I could.

My husband on the other hand couldn't really understand it, they were cute but figured I could spend my money on a lot more important things. Of course I would not have any of it and still got it, saying that the purse was something I just had to have and I was sure that it wouldn't just come in handy for me. I mean hey I could always use it as a back up baby bag no?

He shrugged swearing he would never get it, while I held the purses close to my heart.

I rushed home with my purchases, immediately switched everything from my old and showed off the bags proudly. In the months since I have had numerous onlookers, fellow Disneyholics and random strangers look at my handbags both with curiosity and interest.

And I have found that these handbags are not just useful for myself but have in several occasions been the cure for boredom on DC metro's system. It seems more often than not during my long metro ride homes on packed trains I have several kids play I spy on it. They use it to make up stories and to dream about the magical place. All of these are just a small rambling of what I have over heard. They ask with wonder if the stuff is really signs from Disney etc. And I can't tell you how many parents seem to be thankful that my bag keeps their kid quiet.

If nothing more than just a few minutes. And I smile to myself.

Knowing that as predicted it isn't just me who is benefiting from my purchase.

Been A while

Its been awhile. I swear I always say thing, and I know I do. And I always promise I will write more. Truth is I have been trying to find a blog site I am truly happy with, in design in feel..and so I go back and forth. I came on to see what blogger had to offer again after an absence and low and behold it has some great designs...which means. I just may have to come back here on a more permanent basis.

Of course this just may mean I will go back endlessly through live journal and post some old forgive. I shall be back to my usual blogging banter shortly.

I know you are all just thrilled.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spread a little Glee

So you have someone special going to Disney?

Yes we do. My six and a half year old nephew who has never been to the magical world. From the very start of the process-two years ago mind you-we wanted to make this the most special of events for him. After all you only go to Disney for the first time once. We have already set up an in room surprise, which I will further explain once we get back. But what about before? To get him pumped up.

I had been doing my research on how to make it special for anyone. In doing so I cam across one of Disney's websites, where you can get one of the characters to call your house and wish you a magical greeting. Yesterday during an uneventful day at work, I decided to go ahead and schedule the call-for a total of 2.49- which my nephew would receive that evening right around dinner time.

So we gathered around the dinner table as at 7:01pm 'Mickey Mouse' called the house to speak to my little buddy. And as the phone rang and his face lit up as Mickey told him he was excited to see him, and wish him good night I realized something.

This is what the magic is all about. This is what Disney is all about. Its make believe and happily ever afters. Its little boys and Peter Pan. And its the pure joy that a mouse can bring to just about anyone.

He hung up and asked how I knew Mickey. I told him I had special connections, to which he looked at me skeptically and muttered how cool that was. It made his entire night.

And was dif. worth the nearly three dollars. Every cent of it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

How to Pack Round 2

A while ago, I posted an entry about how to pack with a twelve month old. This was back in February, and my husband and I were first time parent travelers. Lil man at the time was just turning a year, in fact we were celebrating his first birthday down in the world. And up until then we had only traveled, and packed for just the two of us.

We made it through of course, baby food, diapers, formula and all.

But now six months later we don't have a one year old on our hands but a full fledged almost eighteen month old, who seems to be hitting the terrible twos just a bit earlier than his daddy or myself would like. Gone are the formula cans, and most of the baby food. Replaced with real milk and eating off mommy and daddys plates. Which is a bonus, considering we went through numerous amounts of formula while we were there in February.

So of course this leads me to what to pack, for myself, my husband, and our eighteen month old. Most of these things on the list are good for just about anyone so keep this in mind.

-Suntan lotion- I can't stress the importance of this. And I don't care how well you don't need it. You need it. Florida sun is a lot different than wherever you are from
-Sunglasses and hats-Your hand can only cover so much, and who wants a funky tan anyway?
-Clothes obviously.-Do I even need to explain myself on this one?
-Sneakers-Or rather comfy shoes, flip flops may be great for the plane ride but after fourteen hours on concrete?
-Aloe.-you just may need it.
-Aspirin-believe me the rides and the noise can drive anyone bonkers.
-Toys-because while I am sure we are going to be getting him some while we are there, they are great for the plane ride
-Ponchos-if you have ever been down there during the summer, you'll understand this one, if however you haven't believe me you will thank me later.
-Fans-especially the kind that snap on the stroller.
-Those metal drink containers. *IDEA alright* Fill up with water and put in the freezer over night. Carry into the parks with you, this way you can have something to run across your neck to cool you down and as a bonus, it is free water!
-Identifications for everyone.
-Snacky food for lil man, because lets face it, he is a growing boy.
-Walkie talkies/phones-With a group of ten, I think we are going to need some form of communication.
-bandaids/blister relievers-We have learned from experience.
-Personal items-because no matter how much I plan, it never fails that it comes early/late etc...
-Patience-With thousands of guests in each park, this is probably by far the best thing you need to pack. Between tired grown ups, tired kids and family members. Patience runs short all around.

So tomorrow begins our first round of packing while my son is spending the night at my parents...and I know there will be more added to the list as I go. But lets just start from here shall we.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something in the Water

Yes it is that time in my life when it seems as though everyone I know is doing one of the following things.

1. Just had a baby.
2.Getting ready to have a baby.
3. Announcing that they are going to have a baby.
4. Trying to have a baby.

Now don't get me wrong. I am all for another baby. In fact I plan on it. EVENTUALLY. I am in by no means ready to have another. Logan is by far enough for me to handle at the moment. I love him, I absolutely do and when the time is right I think he will make a fabulous big brother. But with work, a hockey schedule, and school I already have plenty on my plate. Lets not forget about the fact that I can only use my left hand. And lets face it, most baby stuff isn't exactly created for the use of one hand. I work around it just fine, but with Logan barely out of the baby stage, handling two babies would be, not impossible, but a lot more challenging.

Of course this doesn't stop people from continuing to ask about it. And for the most part I tell them that we will when the time is right, still it doesn't stop them from asking. Again. And again, and again. The whole, everyone around me is expecting part really isn't helping me at all.

Which is why, as another friend announced that she expecting baby number 2 in February.
I decided to swear off the water.

Until further notice.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What its Like

When it comes to parenting, lets face it we all want to be the favorite. The one that the lil one calls in the middle of the night. The one that they snuggle up against at night. Even if you don't want to admit it, you know its true. Its the feeling that we get from it more or less the feeling that someone needs us far beyond what we ever thought possible.

And when we find we aren't that parent. It hurts. Like hell.

I was getting ready for bed last night, doing my usual nightly ritual when I hear my son start wailing. Rushing in I scoop him up and bring him into the bedroom, in hopes to settle him down. But my husband comes up beside us, and within minutes my son is reaching up for daddy, deserting my arms. We climb into bed, knowing that we shouldn't, and usually we don't. Because we've read all the books regarding letting children sleep with you. But on occassion we allow ourselves this simple act. Because sometimes I enjoy it just as much as my precious little boy does. I realize its not always going to be this way that he isn't always going to want to hop in bed, or read him stories. So surely I don't seem the harm in doing this every now and then really.

We all climbed into bed, my husband carrying my son. And as we sat there in bed, my husband trying to settle in for the night with my son, I watched the pair. How n sync they were. How lil man just laid on his chest, and listened, drummed his fingers. And I felt a pain I still can't describe. Because no matter how much I try, or have tried he doesn't get that with me. He doesn't get that comfortable as he did when he was just a month old. And in some unexplainable way, I feel almost jealous of my son and husband for the way they cuddled, they way they just fit together and the way that my husband handled him.

I watched until I fell asleep, sometime later my husband brings my son back to his room before crawling into bed, throwing the covers over and retreating to his side of the bed. We haven't cuddled in bed together in so long I can't remember what its like. I turn to my side, thinking perhaps its not so much about being lil man's favorite that I crave, but rather that sort of affection from my husband.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I don't even know my last name

When I got married, I did what most women do, I changed my last name. I was eager to do, considering my maiden name started-and ironically ended-in Z. I was thrilled with the idea that I would be moving up in alphabetical standings. No longer would I be the last to be called for anything. Which was fine by me, considering I was the last one to graduate from my high school, and at nearly 700 students, it took entirely way to long for them to do so. And then there was the fact that no one could even pronounce it at all. Yep I wouldn't have to deal with people looking at me, asking me if I was jewish, and surely I was polish- I am neither. I am Russian/Hungarian.

Rather I relished in the knowledge that I would now and forever be in the M's. I would be in the midst of things. And this to was fine by me....So two days after I got back from my honeymoon, I raced over to my local social security office, sat for two hours and finally had the paperwork all drawn up. Removing my last name completely, because using my former last name with the new would be way to complicated to work out. So I took the easier way out, surely Aleisha Christine Mattice sounded a hell lot of better. And if nothing more, telemarketers would thank me for this years to come.

But now, four years and two months after I changed my name I find myself missing my maiden name. In a way I never thought I would. I find waiting in line for Z's wasn't as bad as I thought. Voting now takes twice as long to get through as before. Its twice as hard to find names in records, and I am not as original as before. Added to this, my grandfather recently announced that I was no longer a Zikowitz. The moment he said it, my heart broke. It was as if a part of me was/is missing. For to me, I will always be a Zikowitz, I will always belong to that name. Still his words made me want the name back. For a moment I thought I had made a mistake, I had always read about ladies who add their new with the old, and for the most part I never understood why. Because to me, you take your husbands name. But suddenly, sitting there in the living room, I finally understood. I got it.

Because they didn't want to lose a part of themselves.
They didn't want this feeling. I get it now, all of it.

And whether I would change it back or not. For a minute I think, is it to late to do so?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

1 Hubby 1 Mommy and 1 Baby


I am getting nervous about this vacation. And its probably not for the reason you think. Its not because this is a huge group and the first time we have planned a vacation with more than three people. And its not because my sister, who has yet to figure out what she is officially doing is still, up in the air. But rather its regarding my seventeen month old son.

And a two hour flight.

Andy and I have flown before. Several times by now. But flying with a baby? Is something totally different. And to prepare myself, my son and even my everything will be fine husband. I have been reading, researching and trying to prepare myself for whatever may come. I've read about the horror stories, about babies screaming the entire time, I myself admitidly have given someone the evil eye, and now fear it will come my own way. I fear that my son won't be able to understand whats going on. That his ears will hurt him to much causing him to cry and scream. And I really don't want to be viewed as one of those parents who can't control their kids.

My husband assures me everything is going to be ok. That since this is a trip, a flight down to Orlando, the likelyhood of it being packed with kids of all ages is pretty good. Not to mention, he adds that he pretty much figures most of them are going to be screaming as well and so we shouldn't worry about our one and a half year old.

I want to tell myself he is right, and that there is in fact nothing to worry about. I want to tell myself that he is going to be the other kind of child, the child that is good. And others are envious of the fact that he is good. Because deep down thats what I wish. And I can pray and hope and wish.

Because neither my husband nor myself know just how exactly lil man is going to react. Until the flight actually takes off.